AMP International, Inc. has a network of highly experienced and qualified Senior Project Managers (SPM’s) and Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) with backgrounds in corrections, law enforcement and military corrections.

​These individuals have extensive hands-on expertise in administration and management, security and control, food services, compliance and accreditation, court monitoring, expert court testimony,  healthcare monitoring, environmental health and safety, programs and services, staff integrity, case management, critical incident investigations and debriefing, training, staff development, gang and terrorist threat operations and assessments..

Many have performed quality assurance reviews (QARs) for federal, state and local detention and correctional operations using the American Correctional Association’s Performance-Based Standards for Adult Community Residential Services (ACRS) and Adult Local Detention Facilities (ALDF)  and the National Commission on Correctional Healthcare standards as well as tailored standards for specific entities.  Many have real-time experience performing QARs for Immigration, Customs and Enforcement Agency, the United States Marshals Service,  and the Office of the Federal Detention Trustee using the Federal Management Review System (FMRS), National Detention Standards and Performance Based National Detention Standards.